We have FEMAP – SIEMENS software

We are glad to inform that we are now happy users of professional software for finite element method FEMAP from SIEMENS. Below you can find a brief description of software characteristics and capabilities. We also bought DELL working station to prepare analyses for our clients.

Femap is a modern and advances software for engineering analysis with the use of FEM. It allows to perform complex engineering analysis of models imported from various CAD systems. It’s easy to implement and in use. Femap is considered as leading independent from CAD and Windows based, pre- and postprocessor for advanced calculations using finite element method (FEM).

It allows to solve even the most complex problems with high accuracy.

Femap is integrated with NX Nastran solver, thanks to that application gives access to a wide range of advanced and functional tools. They are used for direct definition and control of most issues related to modeling, simulation and postprocessing. Thanks to engineering analysis that are one of the most important elements of digital product development, there is a possibility in drastic cost reduction of created prototypes and tests of new products. Femap with Nastran NX allows for structure shape optimization and weight reduction. Full potential of Nastran NX can be used to solve various problems like static, frequency response analysis, buckling, welded joints and divers thermal problems. Other advanced problems like dynamic response, superelements, advanced nonlinearities, DMAP or optimization. Additionally it allows for estimation of results sensitivity based on changes in input parameters and it doesn’t limit the size of the model.