Numerical FEM analysis

Numerical FEM analysis (Finite Element Method) is a necessary aid tool in engineering projects and a method to check stress calculations. Modeling with the use of FEM simulates the behavior of structures for different working scenarios without the need to prepare costly and time consuming tests on real structures, reducing the risk of failure or costs connected with new projects. This gives the opportunity of virtual inspection of a product under influence of all possible kinds of work regimes including thermal loads or heat transfer. Numerical FEM analysis reduces the amount and time needed for hand calculations.

We possess a full FEMAP-SIEMENS and Solid Edge license. DELL workstation helps us to fully extract software potential.

We make analysis of machine parts, pipelines, welded structures, fastener connections and composite analysis. The scope of stress analysis covers:

  • static linear analysis with the use of contacts
  • non-linear analysis with non-linear material behavior, large deformations and contact (point-point type)
  • optimization to reduce overstressed regions of structure and weight
  • buckling analysis
  • modal analysis (vibration frequency and modes, resonance)
  • frequency response analysis
  • finding cause of damage and their influence on further exploitation
  • steady state and transient thermal analysis as well as thermal stress analysis
  • composite analysis
  • optimization of composite layup to reduce the weight and keep stiffness in selected directions

Femap is a modern program FEM software used for engineering analysis integrated with Nastran NX solver. Thanks to this it allows to use a wide and advanced variety of tools. It allows to perform complex analysis of engineering models imported from independent CAD systems. Additionally it allows to estimate results sensitivity to input parameters without limitations in terms of model size.

It allows to solve even the most advanced problems with high accuracy.