Selection of materials

Proper selection of materials is one of the key elements that allows to meet constantly increasing requirements of users. This entails the need for continuous improvement of products. With similar construction solutions the superiority of one product over the other may be driven by proper material selection. This applies not only to their resistance to working conditions, but also to their appearance, surface texture, weight, etc.

Proper selection of material allows to improve equipment reliability, improve  performance characteristics, gives opportunity to reduce production and exploitation costs.

Practice shows that designers choose material for equipment using their existing knowledge and experience. With the continuous emergence of new materials and technologies of their processing such a choice is rarely the optimal one.

With the use of our knowledge and experience we are able to offer a more accurate selection of materials (taking into account not only functionality, but also the cost) from a wide range of metal alloys, ceramics as well as various composites.

Proper material selection can be confirmed by us through material testing taking into account the conditions of use and supported by numerical modeling (simulation).

We have experience in the selection of materials for complex industrial installations in large facilities as well as simple devices produced by small firms.