We have Solid Edge (SIEMENS PLM Software)

Product description:

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is one of the main components of Velocity Series portfolio. Velocity Series is a fully integrated family of preconfigured solutions for complex control of digital product development. Other components of this family are: Teamcenter Express, CAM Express and Femap.

Solid Edge ST is a leading and most complex CAD 2D/3D system based on innovative modeling technology (Synchronous Technology).

Implementation of highly efficient graphical kernel and geometry constrain solver – Parasolid and D-Cubed allows to connect 3D modeling with precise control of geometry and dimensions. Other than 3D machine  and device modeling capabilities are efficient control mechanism of project and a wide spectrum of analysis (also FEM included). Models created in Solid Edge ST can be used to automatically generate drawing documentation, photo-realistic product visualizations or movement analysis and simulation. Thanks to a wide translation capabilities, especially JT and PCF translators, project documentation from Solid Edge ST system can be share by companies around the world.